About Us

Our mission at Sublytics is to help eCommerce businesses realize their true potential for profitability and scale combining technology with the accountability of data science and measurable ROI.

Having been an eCommerce merchant and after playing a variety of roles as an ecosystem service provider since the early 2000s ourselves, we bring a historical perspective along with knowledge of new and emerging trends to benefit our customers.

Our products and corresponding success can all be tracked to our primary company mission – listen to our customers.  When doing so, we improve our existing products and create new solutions to increase our competitive edge over would-be competitors. 

Since our inception in 2013, we have introduced:

  • An industry-leading analytics platform that provides a view of performance data across marketing, finance and operations aggregating and normalizing data points across 25+ integration sources.
  • A feature-rich billing platform designed for merchants who want flexibility and customization in how offers are configured, customer options are presented, and how payments are collected.
  • Technology that is robust, scalable, secure, customizable and complemented by a knowledgeable team that has our customer’s success top of mind.

If you’ve been working with us for a while or if Sublytics is new to you, we’re happy to be in touch and introduce you to our billing solution.  Please reach out to meet@sublytics.com with any questions or to schedule a demo.  We’d look forward to being a part of your success!